An efficient & innovative solution - Simultaneously removes Sulfur Oxides (SOx) & Nitric Oxides (NOx) - Removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Dioxins… - Dry process - No CO2 emission, no polluted effluent, no sludge... - No required catalyst - Highly valuable by-product - Adjustable treatment as function of gas flow or treatment objectives - Treated flow gas up to 300.000 Nm3/h   A global solution for flue gas treatment The principle of flue gas treatment by Electron Processing System is based on the conversion of the pollutants coming  from combustion reactions into high valuable products for agriculture:   Electron beam treatment of flue gas leads to the formation of highly reactive entities called radicals. These radicals  simultaneously decompose organic compounds (VOC, dioxin…) and convert sulfur and nitric oxides into sulfuric and  nitric acids respectively. Ammonia addition neutralizes these acids into ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate salts  that can be use as fertilizer for agriculture.    Electron beam process can achieve high removal rates of SOX, NOX, dioxins & COV (up to 95%) which puts this  technology among the most efficient one for flue gas treatment on the market.   A large range of applications - Incinerators - Industrial processes - Combustion engines - Petrochemical industry - Fossil-fuel power stations © EVHeO Consulting & Engineering Office Environmental Applications of Electron Processing Systems