A technology with characteristics adapted to industrial requirements - Adjustable output power - High electrical efficiency (>80%) - Important shelf life (more than 20 years) - Reliable technology with low maintenance - Constant treatment and efficiency (> 8500 hours per year) - Compact process and easy implementation on existing facilities Food processing - Disinfection and pest control - Food sterilization and preservation Our associate, VIVIRAD S.A. Design - Implementation - Maintenance © EVHeO A reliable technology For more than 50 years, the development of applications of electron  accelerators has continuously increased. Electron beams are now used  worldwide in many fields and for different functions. All these  applications are evidences of the reliability and treatment capabilities  of Electron Processing Systems. - 30 years of design and operating experience in the high-voltage particle accelerator field - More than 300 particles accelerators in service around the word - Services and equipment adapted for industrial needs Industry - Surface modification - Vulcanization (tires) - Polymerization - Reticulation - Industrial radiography - Work of art preservation - Jewelry Medecine - Radiotherapy - Radiology - Surgical tools sterilization Consulting & Engineering Office Environmental Applications of Electron Processing Systems